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2000cfm, with pre-filter, carbon filter and 99.97% efficient HEPA filter.

2000 Series

The model 2000HS is setting the standards for providing HEPA and Carbon based filtration technology for use in commercial, industrial, institutional and large residential applications where reduction and removal of airborne contaminants is required.

The unique split-housing design and powerful 2000 cfm blower makes the 2000HS a system that can be used either in conjunction with an existing HVAC system, as a stand-alone unit or even as an air handler and fresh air ventilation system.

Unique Split-Housing Design
The 2000HS is designed to attach to any 5 ton or larger HVAC system. A single unit is used for all residential 5 ton units and multiple systems can be used for commercial HVAC systems over 5 ton capacity.

The 2000HS HEPA Shield is perfect for office buildings, schools, clinics, printers, veterinarians, beauty salons, hospitals, dentist offices, clean room applications, and any commercial process requiring clean air. In addition, the 2000HS unit can be used to remove cigarette smoke and tobacco odor from restaurants, offices, bingo halls…etc. The 2000 HEPA Shield can also be used to introduce fresh, filtered air or act as an air handler and be used in a stand-alone configuration.

Features True HEPA Filtration
» Removes 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger

3-Stage Filtration
» 1. Antimicrobial Polyester Prefilter
» 2. 15 lb. Carbon Filter
» 3. True 99.97% HEPA filter
» 4. Optional 95% DOP & 95% Ashrae Filters.

Powerful 1 HP Motor
» The powerful 1 HP motor produces over 2000 cfm of HEPA filtered air
» Can be used outdoors as well as indoors
Benefits » Patented by-pass approach: allows for installation on any HVAC system
» Compact design: requires minimal amount of room
» Includes 3-matched designed filters: prefilter, carbon filter, and HEPA filter
» Self-balancing air flow design: adds no resistance
» Powerful 1 HP blower/motor package: can be used by itself as an air handler
» Easy to maintain: all 3 filter easily accessible through top access door
» Full three year warranty: on all blower, motor and electrical components
» Introduce fresh, filtered air through the 2000HS: add outside air through the unit
» All weather housing: can be used outdoors
» Filter replacement follow-up program: computerized customer reminder system
» American made - U.L. listed: each 2000HS is constructed of all American made products
» Unlimited applications: the 2000HS units can be used for hundreds of applications
Model Numbers: 2000HS, 2000HS PLUS, 2000HS Stand-Alone, 2000OA, 2000OA PLUS, 2000OA Stand-Alone
2000HS Options: » Single speed
» Integrates into existing HVAC system.
» Price: $2690.00
2000HS PLUS Options: » Adaptation of 2000HS base unit allowing for two speed operation with programmable home thermostat.
» Price: $2790.00
2000HS Stand-Alone Options: » Adaptation of 2000HS base unit used to tie into a separate system without a thermostat.
» Price: $2840.00
2000OA Options: » Contains additional carbon and no HEPA filter.
» Price: $2795.00
2000OA PLUS Options: » Adaptation of 2000OA base unit allowing for two speed operation with programmable home thermostat.
» Price: $2990.00
2000OA Stand-Alone Options: » Adaptation of 2000OA base unit used to tie into a separate system without a thermostat.
» Price: $3070.00

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