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Back Vac

Lightweight, HEPA filtered backpack vac with ergonomic design

CFM 118

6.6gal collection capacity Easy emptying with attached handles

CFM 127

10gal capacity Exclusive collection container emptying system

CFM 137

15 or 26gal capacity Equipped with a sound suppressor for noise control

CFM 3101 CFM 3151

Designed for fine powder and dust collection 2.3gal. capacity CFM 3151: Same as the 3101 except has a 6.6gal. collection

CFM 3156 CFM 3306

Easy maneuverability Has a 6.6gal capacity CFM 3306: Same as the 3156 except has a larger filter & more powerful motor

CFM 3307 CFM 3507W

26gal capacity Can be adapted to collect liquid. CFM 3507W: Same as the 3307 except has a larger filter and a more powerful motor

CFM 3707-10 CFM 3907-18

46gal capacity 110gal hopper available CFM 3907-18: Same as the 3703-10 except has a larger filter and a more powerful motor

Compact Vac

Air operated vac. Available in electric too Optional back pack for portability.


Ideal for cleanrooms Can be equipped with HEPA or ULPA filters.


Electric Explosion Proof collects fine powders, petrochemicals, and more.


Same as above but unit is air operated for no spark collection of fine material.

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