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46gal capacity 110gal hopper available CFM 3907-18: Same as the 3703-10 except has a larger filter and a more powerful motor

CFM 3707-10 CFM 3907-18

Ideal for bulk collection, the CFM 3707-10 and 3907-18 feature a 46-gallon tank capacity. For increased capacity, a 110-gallon hopper system is available. The oversized filter area and the large collection capacities guarantee long periods of operation without stoppage. An electro-mechanical reverse-purge mechanism is available for fine power applications. Options include a stainless steel container, filter chamber, and carriage.

Features » 46-gallon tank capacity
» 110-gallon hopper system available
» Liquid collection option available
» Phase indicator light shows that motor is running in correct phase
» Easy access to collection container
» HEPA filter available either upstream or downstream of the motor
» Collection container, filter chamber, and carriage available in stainless steel

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