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Motorized shoe cleaner that can be used with a HEPA vac system. 3 brushes


Motorized shoe cleaner for areas requiring dust-free conditions. It can be used with a microstatic filter vacuum system or the solenoid valve 103 for connecting into central vacuum system or the 7487 Vacuum Producer. 3 motor driven brushes clean sides and top surface and 1 bottom does sole and heel. (Top brush is optional).

Rotating brushes powered by 1/4 HP electric motor, 110 v, 60 Hz, Control switch located on top of personnel support handle which assists the operator in maintaining balance. Cover is removable.

Features » Round belt drive
» Open motor
» Black styrene vacuum formed housing
» Plastic base
» Straight, PVC "stalk" handle
» Rotating bottom and side brushes
» Rotating top brush is optional
Options » Rotating top brush
» Plastic instruction sign
» 220V, 50Hz system optional, for vacuum, valve and shoe cleaner motors
Vacuum Options: We recommend 100-FJ to be used in conjunction with a vacuum system:

» AS-5 HEPA vacuum or
» 104 Vacuum System
» 102 Connecting Hose

Or with a central vacuum system:

» 103LVI Solenoid
» 101 Connecting Kit