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Automatic activation sensor. HEPA exhaust filter. Built-in vacuum system.


The new generation of shoe brush machines! The 2010SC incorporates a 99.99% effective HEPA filter exhaust system that prevents particles from reentering the surrounding area and captures heavy contaminants in a convenient slide-out vacuum bag. This self cleaning machine incorporates a built-in vacuum system in a space age design and with a timing belt drive between the gearmotor and bottom brush assembly.

The 2010SC Shoe Brush Machine is a self contained single unit that is both compact and quiet generating less than 55 dBA. A built-in Tacky Mat provides a final step that insures a minimum of contamination enters any clean area.

The new 2010SC Shoe Brush Machine comes with a special energy conserving switch that when depressed activates the unit. The motor shuts off automatically though the adjustable 0-60 sec. vacuum timer continues to purge airborne particles. No other shoe cleaning machine available offers the power, cleaning ability and convenience.

Features » Totally enclosed fan cooled gear motor
» Round Belt drive for the top brush
» Roto molded polyethylene cover
» Four motor driven brushes
» Floating, weight loaded, top brush
» Stainless steel base plate
» Dirty HEPA filter warning light
» HEPA filtered exhaust
» Positive, easily adjustable timing belt tension
» Easily removable dust drawer and contamination bag
» Easily removable filter
» Easy servicing of machine components with removable cover
» Heavy duty construction
» Operating noise with blower, vacuum and gear motor is 55dBa
» Water resistant
» 7\' Power cord
Options » Tacky Mat® and Frame for front of unit
» 220/50Hz
» Germicidal light
» Instructional Voice Module