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Designed to clean shoes where employees or visitors enter your work area directly from outside. Non-HEPA shoe cleaner.


The Bull Dog is specifically designed to clean shoes where employees or visitors enter your office, warehouse, or work area directly from outside or from a dirty work area. The unit is designed to handle all type of dirt such as mud, leaves, grass clippings, slush or sand.

Used properly the Bull Dog could significantly reduce your annual maintenance costs for high traffic areas where dirt is a concern and enable you to protect your expensive floors and carpets from damage.

Unit must be placed indoors in a hall or entryway. The unit cannot be placed outside.

Features » Designed for cleaning large construction boots and shoes.
» 1/4 horsepower 115v/60hz single-phase motor
» Total power requirement including vacuum is 12.4 amps
» Shoe Brush (5.4 Amps) Vacuum (7.0 amps)
» System protected by a 15-amp breaker
» 16 gauge stainless steel housing
» A user operated push button switch turns on the machine when depressed and shuts the system down when released. The vacuum should be plugged directly into the Bull Dog and will be activated when push button is used.
» Shafts are a carbon steel electroless nickel-plated design to reduce corrosion.
» Easy installation, plug into a standard 115volt/60hz single-phase outlet.
» Rotating Heavy-duty nylon brushes for cleaning (non-abrasive).
» User can perform preventative maintenance.
» System comes with a 6' power cord ready to plug in.
» Size: 16"W x 21"L x 44"H
» Weight: 85lbs
» Unit is shipped with an Operation manual and complete parts list.
» One year warranty from the date of invoice against defective workmanship and all parts except belts and brushes.
Vacuum Requirements: The Bull Dog system requires a specially selected vacuum or central vacuum system (requires a solenoid valve) to collect dirt from the Bull Dog.

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