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Tacky Mats
Strong adhesive coatings for dirt removal on all mats. Different grades of mats & tack available.
Clean-Zone® Washable Mat

Permanent contamination control flooring. Will clean foot and wheel contamination.

Duratack® Washable Mat

Permanent, washable, tack regenerating mat. Removes 98-100% of all surface contamination. Self adhering back. Optional black trim.

Hand Held Tacky® Roll Mop

A smaller version of the full size mop. Great for counters, pass thru windows, and other confined spaces. Refill sheets slide on easy

Home/Office Tacky Mat®

Designed with non skid foam backed frame for carpets, tile, wood, or any surface without damage.

IF6-200 Frame

Plastic frame used with the 6000M10 mat. Double contour for trip free movement and wheeled equipment. Easy installation of refill Tacky Mats.

Protectamat® Washable Mat

Loose-laid mat. Fine dust removal. No frames needed. 1000lb load resistance.

Tacky Mat® 6000M10

Poly foam cushion conforms to the shoe for maximum effectiveness. Can be used with the IF6-200 frame. 10 peel off disposable Tacky Mat layers.

Tacky Mat® 800030

This is one of our biggest sellers! Strong adhesive coating for dirt removal. 30 peel off disposable Tacky Mat sheets. Different grades of tack available.

Tacky® Roll Mop 6-300

Disposable 18" surface for contamination pickup from the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, etc. 48" handle. 20 adhesive sheets.

Work Zone Flooring

Offering a large area of highly effective, high tack particle collecting surface. Can withstand the rigors of fork lifts and pallet trucks.