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Poly foam cushion conforms to the shoe for maximum effectiveness. Can be used with the IF6-200 frame. 10 peel off disposable Tacky Mat layers.

Tacky Mat® 6000M10

Designed to provide added protection in those areas requiring a greater degree of contamination control. The Tacky Mat® 6000M10 picks up more foot-borne contaminants and last twice as long as conventional hard-surface mats because of its unique contouring and resilient foam properties. A special poly foam cushion, permanently fixed to the base of each Tacky Mat® sheet provides total conformity to a shoe under normal pressure. In addition, each sheet has a unique bounce-back memory so that maximum effectiveness is restored after each step. The 6000M10 consists of 10 disposable poly foam layers. A special pressure-sensitive surface picks up all types of dirt and dust from shoes, wheels and casters. The Tacky Mat® fits into a plastic frame. As with other Tacky Mats®, a fresh surface can be exposed by simply peeling off the contaminated surface.

Features » Each sheet closed cell 1/16\" poly laminate, coated with a special non-allergenic, non-odorous, non-residual adhesive formula.
» Standard color: Gray
» 11/2\" density factor
» Meets all NASA, government, Federal American Association of Contamination Control Standards and GMP\'s
» One tack level - B (moderate)
» 12 mats per case, 10 sheets per mat.

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