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AAHE Bag-in Bag-out System

Advanced Air Handling Equipment Bag-in Bag-out System

  • Factory assembled of 11 and 14-gauge stainless steel.
  • Seam welding reinforces joint strength and other points of pressure.
  • Reinforced to withstand up to 20″ w.g., positive or negative.
  • Smooth air-inlet design limits the collection of contaminants and helps to avoid deterioration of filters.
  • Removable access door on each filter level insures installation convenience and replacement safety.
  • Removable rods for housing with two or more filters are installed on one level pulling filters to an accessible, convenient changeout position.
  • Installation flanges included. Customized upon request.
  • Housing features a safety filter locking mechanism and a 12-gauge bolt driven lock, 1,400 lb. locking mechanism for gasket seal application.

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