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Activated carbon filter housing

Carbon Housing

Varied Capacity Ratings
A complete factory assembled unit, available in two operating velocities; the Series LCB (low capacity carbon housing) and the Series HCB (high capacity carbon housing). The Series LCB is rated at 375 FPM and contains 4.5 trays of carbon per foot of height; while the Series HCB is rated at 500 FPM and contains 6 trays of carbon per foot of height.

Rugged Construction
Constructed of 16 gauge aluminized steel. Aluminized steel conforms to ASTM Specifications A463 and is used in such applications as space heaters, mufflers, and incinerators which are subjected to extremely corrosive conditions.

Easy Access
Requires no upstream or downstream access space. Each housing is supplied with 2 access doors permitting side loading and unloading of trays from either side. The doors are hinged and are closed by means of quick acting, positive lock, over center draw latches. The doors are completely gasketed.

Housing Options
Materials of construction for the basic housing should be determined by field of conditions to which they will be exposed. 95% of most applications can be met by our standard contraction, but where necessary the housing may be constructed from aluminum, stainless steel of various grades, or epoxy coated, such as plasite when specified.

Adapter Flanges for all commercial air handling units, plus adapter flanges to meet any ductwork requirements, are available.

Weatherproof units for outside installations consist of a pitched roof, rain guards over the doors, and caulking at all seams.

Features Purification of air is accomplished by removal of particulate matter and gaseous/vaporous compounds. Effective only on solid matter, particulate filters are to no avail on undesirable gases and vapors (odors). Odor removal is accomplished by use of activated carbon filters. Activated carbon filters are the most common means of odor removal from the air. The multi-faceted and porous surfaces of the carbon allows for a high volume of odor removal from the airstream by the process of adsorption:

For this reason we recommend the Carbon Housing on such applications as:
» Elimination of odors from exhaust air.
» Elimination of odors from incoming ventilation air.
» Removal of odors emitted internally.
» Recirculation of ventilation air (saving heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer).

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