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IAQ Carbon Filter Housing


Surecarb 50 Side Access IAQ Carbon Filter Housing are designed to remove gas/vapor contaminants and to provide odor control for air purification. they are factory-assembled flanged units suitable for installtion in a duct or next to an air handling unit.

Surecarb 50 system are particularly effective when used in HVAC system with high recirculated air rates. They are an excellent choice of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) control applications.

For total-detention applications, each 24in. x 24in. housing section contains four cells filled with approximately 50 pounds of 60% CTC virgin activated coconut shell carbon. For partial-detention applications the four cells are filled with approximately 30 pounds to 60% CTC virgin activated coconut shell carbon.

Features » Units are constructed of durable 16ga. galvanized steel
» \"Z\" channel support members reinforce all four corners and carbon trays
» All tracks and doors are fully gasketed
» Rechargeable or disposable carbon cells
» Low airway pressure drop

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