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Total Detention Carbon Filter Housing


Surecarb 90 Side Access Carbon Filter Housings are designed to remove gas/vapor contaminants and to provide odor control for air purification. They are factory assembled flanged units suitable for installation in a duct or next to an air handling unit.

Standard carbon trays are constructed of high-temperature plastic with internal dividers to maintain even distribution of the activated carbon. Each 24 in. x 24 in. housing section contains 12 trays holding approximately 90lbs of CTC 60% virgin carbon.

SureCarb 90 systems are the total-detention type which effects a higher removal rate of contaminants than low-efficiency partial bypass-type systems

Features » Units are constructed of durable 16ga. galvanized steel
» \"Z\" channel support members reinforce all four corners and carbon tray tracks
» All tracks and doors are fully gasketed
» Carbon trays are polystyrene or optional steel

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